Chinese in Paris

Do you think that Lovely Paris is located in China? No, this is something new. Everyone knows how the Chinese love to imitate. That’s what they do not fake and that’s got to the romantic French capital of Paris. The city Tianduchenge, which is located in the suburbs of Hangzhou, and it was there in the middle of fields and wasteland hardworking residents of China have built a replica of the Eiffel Tower, especially for all romantics.

Chinese in Paris 2

Although this structure is less than the present tower is almost three times, but to see it absolutely from any corner of the city. Also there has a copy of the Arc de Triomphe, and even Versailles. The most interesting thing is that the city built houses are the same as in the heart of the real Paris. To be honest, in fact, Paris was built in China, as an ordinary luxury residential area and all buildings and houses are already fully prepared and you can buy them and populated.

Chinese in Paris 3

That is how the question is where all the tourists, why build an exact copy of the French capital? What is this for? Who do they want exactly this lure? You must agree, a copy of Paris in any case can not boast of the same charm of the romantic and old Paris, which is available only in the original. It is incomparable.

Chinese in Paris 4

Tianduchenge Chinese or Paris does not need tourists, there is need buyers who want to buy a house and settle permanently in this wonderful and original place. And developers are private companies that simply do their business, so as not to do charity work. to such elite real estate prices is expensive. Well, of course, in comparison with the original Paris, they are very affordable for people with average incomes.

Chinese in Paris 5

People come here to walk, or live a little, because it is in every sense a very comfortable and pleasant place. Local residents in the lovely city is not so much, there are somewhere in the 2,000, in principle, and there was a name «ghost town», as is often the streets are empty.