Roads and bridges for a long time and have become part of daily life as the necessary elements of a comfortable and safe movement from one destination to another. Usually, ordinary people are not thinking what insurmountable obstacles overcome designers and builders that erect this or that object, taking into account all the requirements needed to achieve the maximum security motion flow of road transport. Especially when this building complex design and shape that has no analogues in the world

Kawazu Nanadaru 2

That bridge is the land route 414 in Japan, which connects Tokyo and the Izu Peninsula, in the form of a spiral bridge that leads to the top of the mountain. Its name – Kawazu-Nanadaru, he is the only one of its kind has a helical configuration, and serves to be able to climb the mountain with minimal movement trajectory. As a rule, these roads make a gentle zigzag. But in our case, the engineers chose a very different path and the bridge was built and designed in the form of a spiral ramp.

Kawazu Nanadaru 3

Over time, it turned out that it is a constructive solution more reliable than the traditional, such a bridge takes up much less space and can withstand earthquakes, which is very important for Japan. Well-designed and implemented the concept of structure, not only provides safety driving in such difficult conditions, but also an exciting adventure.

Kawazu Nanadaru 4

Driving over the bridge, you can observe the magnificent surrounding landscape from the window of his car during the ascent, and the height of the bridge is very impressive. The bridge was built in 1982 and is now one of the main local attractions. The total length of this section of road is about a kilometer away, the height of the bridge – 45 meters and its coil has a diameter of 80 meters.

Kawazu Nanadaru 5

Sophisticated and well-realized concept Kawazu-Nanadaru makes the trip on it is not only necessary, but an exciting adventure with the ability to observe the surrounding nature from the car window as they rise at a fairly impressive for a road height. The bridge was built in 1982 and is now one of the main local attractions.