City Yonaguni underwater

The sixty-eight miles off the coast of Taiwan on the east side is not very large island of Yonaguni. This island, four of ten kilometers, is the embodiment of a cultural enclave of Japan in miniature size. Not very many locals anxiously preserve traditional customs of this country.
City Yonaguni underwater 2

This amazing megalithic structures found in a completely pure chance diver in 1985. His photographs have caused the phenomenon of resonance after they were published in a major newspaper of the Japanese edition. In the future, the artifact was examined already organized a group of experts, but more than any other sign of civilization of ancient times was found. However, it was not a hindrance to making an unambiguous conclusion about the existence of a sunken city.
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Under closer inspection of the ruins, they found concrete evidence that their origin was manmade. Thus, in particular, we found that in many blocks of stone have shaft holes having a regular circular shape. In addition, towards the north of the island of Yonaguni, Okinawa along the archipelago, near the Kerama Islands underwater passages found in the form of a maze of stone gigantic proportions.
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One of the most famous skeptics, who denied that the monolith created arms, was a professor at Boston University — Robert Schoch. While visiting the ruins, he could not find anything in them that could be human. He notes that in the sandstone monolith included, and this characteristic property of a stone to crack along the planes. Hence the presence of straight lines, sharp corners, the surface in the form of brick masonry and the like.
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If you take to the attention of such factors as increased seismic activity near the area of the island, a large rock bursts, do not be surprised. Quite remarkable and obviously artificial element is two, the resulting colossal megalith at the edge of the Monument to the west. Their form and position can cause association with the famous Stonehenge.