Thousands of Qiandaohu Lake Islands

Anyone who has been in China, have probably heard, and maybe saw the Thousand Islands Lake, which the Chinese call Qiandaohu. And for those who do not know about its existence it will probably be wondering about this unique, beautiful place. It is a lake in Zhejiang Province, about 150 kilometers from the city of Huangzhou.

Thousands of Qiandaohu Lake Islands 2

Approaching the lake, the first thing that catches your eye — is the purity and transparency of water. Indeed, few places on the planet will be able to find even a pond where even the biggest depth you can see the bottom. Therefore, one of the favorite activities of visitors of the lake — boating and observe what is happening under the water. And at the same time enjoy the surrounding nature.

Thousands of Qiandaohu Lake Islands 3

But not only the cleanest water is famous Qiandaohu. The second thing that delights, visiting the lake, it’s numerous islands practically covered with greenery. Greens are so many that on some islands can not even see the land. The numbers speak for themselves, more than eighty percent of the island is covered by forests. Where there are more than ninety species of birds and more than sixty species of animals. In addition, each island has its own identity, and have their own names. For example, there is an island of birds, Monkey Island, there is also the Snake Island, but the island still has a lock — on this island there is a museum of castles. So, walking on a boat on clean water and approaching the island to one and then to another, you can learn and see a lot of useful information.

Thousands of Qiandaohu Lake Islands 4

It so happened that on the open spaces and the shores of this lake, everyone can find something for your taste. Want to go boating, do you want to dive. Last session, by the way, is of great interest, because the water has a lot of interesting and, in particular, two of the flooded city, which history goes back a little less than two thousand years.

Thousands of Qiandaohu Lake Islands 5

City under water, were not accidental, and not because of any kind have been disasters. The fact that the lake has appeared thousands of islands in 1959, during the construction of China’s first hydropower plant built on the Xin’an River. Everything that made the power, so it moved the people, but the city did not save because they are under water. And on the surface leaving only the island, of which there are more than a thousand.