Pristine District Motu

If you love adventure and unknown places, the Motuo District, which is located in China, this is the place you should visit. It is located on the territory of the most impassable Tibetan mountains. According to local residents, the road to this place is not, but because for the scientists it has never been a barrier.

Pristine District Motu 2

This place really can be called intact, because here there is hardly a single person. This means that the District Motuo, still keeps some secrets that we are yet unable to solve. To get there, you have to be really well kitted out, because it is practically impossible to get there. But the road is still there …

Pristine District Motu 3

The road passes through the Himalayan permafrost, the temperature there is just terrible. It is very cold and not every outfit can make you imagine something, but not frostbitten. In addition, there is a road, there is also a bridge that stretches over 200 meters. Unfortunately, transportation does not go there, so long as that does not work do anything about it.

Pristine District Motu 4

By the way, say the residents who live here a long time, the roads were still, but over time, they were destroyed by constant avalanches. But there was a road, and twenty years ago, it is relatively recent. But, interestingly, it was able to survive quite a bit, as the overgrown forests.

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So far, in this case, a man defeated. Although it seems to us, not for long, soon will decide the question of how to create the road and the unity of nature, anyway will be broken. According to the local Buddhists, this place is sacred, and therefore does not admit to imagine anyone.