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Resorts Europe

The resort town of Balchik Bulgarian

Bulgaria ever since the former sovetstkih Union, for many of our compatriots primarily associated with gorgeous Mediterranean resorts, dry wine and no less magnificent cigarettes made from the world-famous tobacco variety «Virginia». So things are now … So that the small resort town of Balchik is not significantly fall out of this series. Except for

The resort village Eze

On the way to the Mediterranean coast of France, a sin not to drop or at least a few hours does not stay in one of the most picturesque corners of the province, a small resort village Eze, located just 12 kilometers from the famous Nice. Eze is situated on top of a small cliff

Thermal waters of Austria

Probably each of us dreamed that at least once in their lives to learn about what useful thermal waters, and where they are. To date, the most famous healing waters are Austrian, because they still have such a feature, as the mineral springs, containing various salts, sulfur, iodine, and radon. The names may seem daunting,

Amazing nature of the Curonian Spit

City Zelenogradsk located on the shores of the Baltic Sea and is a great value for Russia. True, this is not the value of wealth, most likely, it is the beauty that brings us to the city. After all, it departed from the city, on the shore, you can see the Curonian Spit, which extends

Tropical island under the dome

Near Berlin is a tropical island. Yes, yes it is an island, though he was created artificially, but still, it’s an amazing place. Although the island is not close to the sea and under the artificial dome, it does not give reason to doubt that this is an amazing place. To create an island used

Living statues in Barcelona

Barcelona is a world of fairy tales and illusions that both invent, who create? That’s right, the actors who appear to others in the form of sculptures. What’s interesting is that at first glance, very difficult to understand, it is a sculpture, or a living person, since they make up so that just no words.

Ammonite Beach near Lyme Regis

This unusual beach is in England, in the county of West Dorset far from the small village of Lyme Regis. Of course, do not walk on the beach of the dinosaurs, and on the rocks do not build nests pterodactyls. This is the name of the beach was great just an incredible amount of fossils

Blue Lagoon Reykjanes Peninsula

Iceland is an island state which was inhabited in the 9th century. This is because Norway was united under the rule of the king. But it now goes about the history of the state, and on such a beautiful place like the Blue Lagoon. Today, it is a famous place, and only because it is


Being in the south of Ukraine and not to go to Odessa – hardly anyone afford. After Odessa, like a magnet attracts vacationers and tourists, and historians. In this city interested in everything … From the local dialect and ending with architectural and cultural monuments, of which there are many in spite of the relatively