The capital on the Danube

What do we know about Austria? With its capital Vienna? With majestic bridge over the Danube, with ancient palaces and castles that match for the French Versailles and the castles of the Loire. So that if someone of us was going to travel around Europe, without a visit to Vienna, Europe can seem a bit flawed.

The capital on the Danube 2

The town itself is located in the eastern part of Austria, at the foot of the pull-down of the European Alps and on the banks, the largest river of the European continent, sharing Vienna Danube into two parts. The first mention of the Vienna date from the mid-first century BC, when the banks of the Danube Roman legionnaires in place of the future capital of the Austrian state began to build a small fortress Vindobona, while Mr eat just a small settlement for builders and subservient to the Roman military outpost.

The capital on the Danube 3

However, a more rapid development of Vienna received at the beginning of the XII century, when this small town with a convenient location spotted the Duke of Babenberg, who decided to place here his residence. And of course, since that time, in the future, Vienna began the rapid construction, as the castle buildings and spaces to live and work a simple, folk crafts and shopping. At the same time, with Vienna and began to acquire a solid position in the economic and industrial field.

The capital on the Danube 4

With the development of the banking system, financial institutions in Vienna had no less authority than similar institutions of the same Switzerland. Similarly, as the Viennese jewelers and watchmakers worked with colleagues from Zurich almost equal.

The capital on the Danube 5

And if we discard all the historical vicissitudes related to changes in the jurisdiction of both the Vienna and Austria for the past three or four years, today the capital of Austria was and still is the cultural and economic center of not only Europe, but also around the world. It’s no wonder located in Vienna representation of such international organizations as the United Nations, the IAEA, OPEC and the OSCE.

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