Tour of France. Biarritz and Provence

France is a country of romance and fine wine. The dream of every girl to be here at least once, go shopping, see the beauty of landscapes and hear the unique language of this country, from the mouth of a beautiful stranger.

Little-known France – Biarritz

Tour of France. Biarritz and Provence 2

Unfortunately, many prefer for their trips individual tours to Paris, completely forgetting about the other wonderful areas with which France is so rich. So, for example, Biarritz and Provence are counties that should not be overlooked. Miracles that fill them up are difficult to describe in a few lines, so I want to dwell on each one separately.

Biarritz is a fount of two cultures – a city on the border of France and Spain. And officially, he officially belongs to the French, the spirit of the neighboring country dug into it. Get there will not make much trouble, taking advantage of a train or air flight from Paris. If the airplane is on a lot fast, then the trip by land route will present many beautiful landscapes outside the window.

Special fame this city has achieved thanks to its beaches, their cleanliness and grooming pleasantly pleases. Also the place is considered a paradise for surfers from all over Europe, it is promoted by the height of local waves.

Tour of France. Biarritz and Provence 3

The proper place also takes local cuisine. Having absorbed the best of both countries, she as a tycoon pulls gourmets and lovers of delicious food. It is here that tourists come who have chosen wine tours to France, because the sophistication of local varieties is truly impressive. The number of different restaurants is just off scale, but they all have their own highlight, something that sets them apart from others.

For a Russian person, an Orthodox church located here will be a pleasant surprise, which stands out in the background of the rest of architecture, built here by the Russian aristocracy in the XIX. They say that at that time it was the most favorite holiday destination for all the noble people of Russia.

Provence is a city surrounded by the spirit of greatness

The center of Provence is the city of Marseille. The city is very popular, and you can get here from any corner of France. Come here better in the flowering season of lavender, then the whole district becomes, like an illustration to a fairy tale, full of tenderness and warmth. Here is the city of Arles, the place where the great Van Gogh was born. And who knows, maybe it was the flowering of lavender that aroused in him the desire to draw?

Tour of France. Biarritz and Provence 4

A special piquancy Provence gives the city of Grasse – the capital of perfumery of France. The fragrances of beautiful spirits are constantly reigning in the air, a little dope and turning their heads. They say it is here that you can catch all the subtlety of France that you will not see in other cities. And, of course, the Camargue, where all the known calanques are located, are so beautiful that one can not believe in their reality. But when you plunge into the clear waters of this area, all doubts disappear, and there is only immense a feeling of joy and peace.

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