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Georgia Guidestones is the covenant with the descendants

In the northeast of the state of Georgia, in North America, there is a very strange monument. It is called «Georgia Guidestones». The monument includes five twenty tones polished granite slabs, the height of more than five meters. The monument is a huge granite tablets with the commandments or prescriptions. The inscriptions engraved on them in 8 languages, on both sides of each of the 4 vertical plates.

Georgia Guidestones is the covenant with the descendants 2

If you walk in a clockwise direction, bypassing the monument, the inscription are in the following order: English, Swahili, Spanish, Hebrew, Hindi, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. In addition, there is also a text carved Egyptian hieroglyphics, Babylonian cuneiform, and Sanskrit. Inscriptions are made up of the 10 commandments or principles, those who will be able to survive after a nuclear global cataclysm.

Georgia Guidestones is the covenant with the descendants 3

The monument is oriented to the four cardinal points, and holes made in some places, indicate the sun and Polaris. About the construction of this monument is known very little. We only know that in 1979, this monument was commissioned by a certain company man hiding under the pseudonym RC Christian. At this point, it was not possible to find the owner of the monument. Located monument on the farm of Wayne and Mildred Malleniks.

Georgia Guidestones is the covenant with the descendants 4

According to records found Elbert County land purchased from the county in October 1979. Opening of the monument solemnly held in March 1980, the opening was attended by 100 to 400 people, according to different sources. The total weight of the monument is more than 100 tons. In addition to four tablets with the commandments, there are two more tablets, one in the center and one on top of these plates, aligned in accordance with astronomical events.

Georgia Guidestones is the covenant with the descendants 5

Nearby, on the ground, there is also a stone tablet on which the date of occurrence and history of the monument. In 2008, the monument was subjected to an act of vandalism, and, painted polymer paint. Investigation is underway, but so far there are no data on who and what is done.

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