New York. Girl in lotus pose

In New York, life rages in the daytime and at night, all the time is one of the few cities that can turn the head of anyone, stun, sleep deprived, and will forever remain in the subcortex in memory. Do not just about New York filming a huge number of films. This city is a paradise and a hell for shoppers, and although, in one dollar for thirty rubles, the cost of goods is embarrassingly low, and the choice and quality will surprise even those who have just started shopping.

New York. Girl in lotus pose 2

None of the hotels do not keep thinking and organizing, in earnest a serious fight for customers by conducting the competition, who can offer the big discount to stay. If you break away from the bag, and to consider, finally, New York, you can instantly lose your head and orientation in space of the diversity of cultural objects and extremely rich and diverse art of life.

New York. Girl in lotus pose 3

Paige Bradley managed to get a celebrity when she presented to the audience a wonderful job under the name «Extension». This is a composition of bronze – nude woman in lotus position, through the split of the light which breaks…

New York. Girl in lotus pose 4

Body sculpting split, and through a crack in it make their way rays of light. This remarkable composition nowadays is considered one of the greatest masterpieces of modern art. The very Paige Bradley said that «Expansion» was the result of her reflections on the critical attitude of the public to the sculpture, which depicts a man. She was able to notice that the images of people disappeared from museums, private collections and galleries type. Author of the famous work it seemed unfair, and she decided to do something modern.

New York. Girl in lotus pose 5

Within a few months, Paige creates diligently worked on the sculpture girl in lotus pose in the nude image of wax. And then she raised her hands and thrown to the floor. Create split apart. All these parts are later cast in bronze and carefully combined with one another. Then the master began to work on the lighting system and very surprised that happened. Paige does not get tired to rejoice, saying that the work can be admired. She received many letters from people who had seen her sculpture. It has all turned out.