Parent civilization La Venta

Mexico is full of mysteries and ancient buildings are not identified. For example, such a center as La Venta is one of the largest centers of the Olmec civilization. How to tell the historians, the territory on which they lived, were found more than 170 monuments. With that, of these, 80 percent are located in the three major centers, is La Venta (Tabasco), San Lorenzo, and Laguna de los Cerros.

Parent civilization La Venta 2

Each of these points represents sacred significance, as well as the religious unit around the world. At the heart of these buildings and not only is our knowledge of the world, space and culture of their ancestors, etc. What is interesting in this city, and the fact that scientists have heard so many myths and stories that each check them, just is not possible. Scientists believe that all that there is, preceded by a parent civilization from which the developed and the rest of civilization.

Parent civilization La Venta 3

Some scholars, both then and now, believe that the birth of civilizations, we should thank the Maya. But, nevertheless, the Olmecs were «competitors» for them, and with it serious. If you literally translate the word Olmec, we learn a very interesting fact that OLLI and MEKATL – a thread or ancestry. Some call them rubber residents, and all because of where they lived, grew a lot of rubber.

Parent civilization La Venta 4

La Venta, an ancient city that was the year 1100 to 400 BC. We can say that it studied the length and breadth. Its area was about 20 hectares, and its population was not less than 18 thousand people. And this figure is rather big. In the middle of the city stood a pyramid, which reaches 32 meters in height. Also, a very important detail, this is the tomb, in the amount of four pieces and burial structure. This is where the body was found a few children who were buried in ancient times.

Parent civilization La Venta 5

If so take the city of La Venta is so mysterious that consciousness is not always perceived the information that shows us the story. But these ancient people and we have to learn all about how they lived.