Monuments America

South America is a unique continent, a place of contrasts and extremes. Here is the most full-flowing river — the Amazon with endless rainforests and here the most arid place on the planet — the Atacama Desert. Incredible, but it’s possible. This is a world where amazing monuments of America, created by nature and by man, are collected.

Monuments of America — the wonders of nature

No one even the most talented sculptor can compare to the imagination of nature. Sometimes even observing the creation of nature it is difficult to imagine that such miracles do exist. The Canyo-Kristales River or in another way the River of Five Flowers, fully fits this description. In the period from June to October, travelers can see a real rainbow, a combination of yellow, green, black, blue and red colors creates the illusion of water-spattered colors. This phenomenon is explained by the rampantly growing algae.

Remembering the monuments of South America, you can not tell about the national park of Brazil Shapada-dus-Veideirus and the oldest mountain education of the planet — Vale da Lua. Tourists call this place a copy of the moon. Ideally polished quartz rocks, which are considered to be the oldest on the planet, create an incredible alien landscape that makes travelers lost in time.

Artificial monuments of Latin America, photo

Man has always tried and tries to outdo himself by creating stunning architectural constructions. Religious churches are no exception. Often they become the symbol of a particular city, by which they will recognize it. The Temple of Light of the World, located in Guadalajara is no exception. This is a beautiful multi-level construction of the spire, which is visible from anywhere in the city.

And in Buenos Aires, the architects decided to pay tribute to the woman in a very unusual way, in one of the city’s quarters a bridge was built — the Bridge of the Woman. This pedestrian bridge with a turning design attracts not only tourists, but also couples in love who kiss in the middle, dreaming of eternal love.

On our site you can find the most unusual monuments of America, photos of which will create your own opinion about amazing natural phenomena and stunning imagination of sculptors and architects. Thanks to this you will be able to compose the route of travel and see the most interesting things with your own eyes.

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