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Monuments America

Stone giants of Easter Island

Easter Island, the small island of volcanic origin, asked the archaeological world a lot of mysteries, which still do not find any more or less clear answer. First of all, the issues relating to culture once lived there the people and to the world-famous famous stone sculpture – the moai. The island is located at

New York. Girl in lotus pose

In New York, life rages in the daytime and at night, all the time is one of the few cities that can turn the head of anyone, stun, sleep deprived, and will forever remain in the subcortex in memory. Do not just about New York filming a huge number of films. This city is a

Georgia Guidestones is the covenant with the descendants

In the northeast of the state of Georgia, in North America, there is a very strange monument. It is called «Georgia Guidestones». The monument includes five twenty tones polished granite slabs, the height of more than five meters. The monument is a huge granite tablets with the commandments or prescriptions. The inscriptions engraved on them

Statue of Genghis Khan, near Ulaanbaatar

When it comes to talking about Genghis Khan, once submitted before the eyes of a formidable warrior-conqueror. In general, as it was. During the twenty years of reign, he was able to take over a territory larger than the empire of Alexander the Great in the half, and the one that owned Napoleon, seven times.

Parent civilization La Venta

Mexico is full of mysteries and ancient buildings are not identified. For example, such a center as La Venta is one of the largest centers of the Olmec civilization. How to tell the historians, the territory on which they lived, were found more than 170 monuments. With that, of these, 80 percent are located in