Oasis Bay South in Singapore

Fantastic, unique and simply fabulous – only such epithets architectural magazines around the world praise the landscape-recreational zone Bay South. Landscape area’s largest, landscaped oasis in the city center of Singapore, the area of over 50 hectares. Concept oasis developed a great team of designers, architects and engineers, but the general designer was chosen by the famous English landscape Bureau Grand Associates.

Oasis Bay South in Singapore 2

Their compatriots from the famous studio «Wilkinson Eyre» drafted central objects landscape complex – two large indoor greenhouse area of ​​0.8 hectare and 1.2. It is created and continuously maintained microclimate peculiar to the Mediterranean countries, as well as subtropical and tropical regions. When creating such a complex «ecosystem» project engineers used saving technologies: collection, storage and transportation of natural water (elevation change) for watering flower beds.

Oasis Bay South in Singapore 3

The Bay South cultivated flora from around the world. There have even created artificial «plants» – twenty supertree. Designers do not hide the fact that such «plants» do not form an ecosystem of green space, and built only to attract visitors. The height of individual structures up to 50 meters. Several giants at a height of 20 m. Connected footpath 130 meters.

Oasis Bay South in Singapore 4

Landscape zone is only part of a huge park, where are located another two zones – Bay Central and Bay East, a total area of over 100 hectares. According to approximate calculations, will visit the complex each year about 5 million. Tourists. The approximate cost of the complex – 350 million pounds.

Oasis Bay South in Singapore 5

In addition to all the territory of the Oasis Bay South created two biome: «Cloud Forest» and «Dome of flowers.» Their dimensions are equal to the square of 4 football fields. By maintaining all kinds of climatic conditions here comfortably coexist approximately 220,000 plants from all continents of the earth.

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