Relax on the hotel Turtle Island Turtle Island

Hotel Turtle Island, which is located on an island named Turtle, the most famous in Fiji. The name of the island translates as «Turtle». For those who have never seen the lagoon, and even more so blue, they should start the journey here. In addition, the glory of the island and bring the most pure and white beaches. The hotel has fourteen cottages. Room rates here start from 1900 thousand dollars and ends at $ 2,200 thousands.

Relax on the hotel Turtle Island Turtle Island 2

In this hotel we liked to rest Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz, also here were seen artists like Britney Spears and Kevin Fiderlayn. It is very often occur shooting of various films, as almost every director dreams of this island. After all, it has an abundance of palm trees and other, not less interesting sights.

Relax on the hotel Turtle Island Turtle Island 3

The owner of this island is the American Richard Evanson, who left life in the city and decided to live a quiet life on the island. Since the owner is trying to preserve the pristine nature of the island, then, respectively, he tries to avoid as few people as possible. Still, the hotel works and brings it to fruition.

Relax on the hotel Turtle Island Turtle Island 4

The interesting thing about the hotel is that for those who here takes the number has at its disposal the beach, where guests will be completely alone and no one will disturb him. Also, the hotel has a spa, where you can go through many procedures. For those who like to relax actively are offered diving, snorkeling, fishing, horseback riding, etc.

Relax on the hotel Turtle Island Turtle Island 5

In order to know the price, you can go to the website itself and calculate or call directly to the hotel and get all the necessary information. Here I like to spend not only celebrities, but most of the room rate only afford them. But do not despair, because a large number of travel vouchers for which can be several times to visit not only the hotel but the island itself.