The underwater restaurant Ithaa

Probably everyone at least once been in a restaurant in my life. But not everyone can imagine a restaurant that is not on the ground, under water, at a depth of 5 meters. It may be only 14, because in order to get there, you will need to make arrangements in advance. That is, it is desirable to place the capital in 14 days.

The underwater restaurant Ithaa 2

It is worth remembering that the children who are under 12 years of age, in a restaurant under the water is not allowed. This is necessary in order to comply with all Precautions. So, it is not known how he will behave in a restaurant. Although the structure of reliable, but can happen anything, none of this, alas, is not immune.

The underwater restaurant Ithaa 3

Ithaa restaurant was opened in 2005, in the month of April. In order to build it, it took a little more than a year of effort builders. restaurants curved walls and roof of the restaurant itself was made of a durable material such as acrylic. The thickness of the glass, which chose the restaurant designers, is 125 millimeters. In order to preserve the integrity of the restaurant and to prevent any unexpected circumstances, the restaurant served five arches, which are attached to each.

The underwater restaurant Ithaa 4

The very structure of the underwater restaurant was built in Singapore and then on a special barge and brought submerged under water. The building itself was weighing 175 tons, plus it added 75 tons of sand. This is to ensure that the structure suddenly climbed out. That is, simply put, they flooded the building under water. The project cost $ 5 million.

The underwater restaurant Ithaa 5

To the restaurant costs paid off on food prices is not small, but they are worth. It’s not every day you have the unique opportunity to dine under the water and see the beauty that opens up the Indian Ocean. So the place is not just unusual, but also unforgettable. Impressions, in the literal sense, the whole ocean.