North Island Hotel Seychelles

North Island Hotel is located in the Seychelles. This four-star hotel is renowned for its comfort, because as the number proposed here is not a sample apartment and a house, which in turn may be on the island. For example, the cheapest room, which is in the hotel, the tourist will cost about 3 million dollars.

North Island Hotel Seychelles 2

Tourists can rent a house, at least comfortable, which in turn is located on the North Island. Also, for those who enjoy relaxing holidays, in a secluded place and that no one was near, you can rent a villa. There are both private beach and three rooms and everything you might need only a tourist. The cost of the villa will cost 5600 dollars.

North Island Hotel Seychelles 3

Although the hotel operates such a system as «all inclusive», for some cocktails and drinks have to still pay. In this hotel you can find such movie stars as Pierce Brosnan, Sarah Michelle Geller and others. That is, this hotel can be compared with the island itself, which lived Robinson Crusoe, secluded, far from society, etc.

North Island Hotel Seychelles 4

At first glance it seems that the hotel is not large, but it is present in about 11 villas and each of them has air conditioning, internet access, private kitchen, telephone and, of course, television. The most important thing is that each of the guests is unique for the local chef. That is, when someone calls in, he learns their tastes and prepares for each separately.

North Island Hotel Seychelles 5

In the North Island hotel, you can eat very differently, since it offers a very diverse cuisine, ranging from standard European dishes and ending with the most unusual exotic dishes. In addition, here you can relax not only on the beach, but there are also services such as diving, kayaking, swimming pool, etc. And for the most demanding, there is a spa. So this hotel is simply impossible to get bored, you can even say there is no time. Hotel cost justifies itself everywhere and in everything.