Top-10 most expensive hotels

If you have limitless sum of money you probably don’t know the most expensive hotels in the world. The reason is, that you take it along and it doesn’t matter how much you spend, the biggest role plays your comfort. So today we will talk, as you might have guessed, about top-10 most expensive hotels in the world.

Top-10 most expensive hotels 1

1. The first in the list is The Mansion at MGM Grand. The Hotel is located in the centre of famous Las Vegas. Here you can find not only rooms to stay, but also casino, restaurants and other privileges for the guests. The total number of the rooms is 506. What makes this hotel unique is the Italian design of the 18th century.

Top-10 most expensive hotels 2

2. The hotel North Island is on the second place. It’s a five-star hotel, located on the Seishi Island. The cheapest room here costs 3000$ per night. But if you are rich and can afford something more luxurious, you can rent a house with the separate beach only for you.

Top-10 most expensive hotels 3

3. Another hotel, located on the Seychelles has more reasonable prices. But the difference is hardly palpable. One-night stay costs 2700 dollars, but alas, without a separate beach.

Top-10 most expensive hotels 4

4. Those of you, who like, besides swimming at sea, to be engaged in different kinds of activity, such as golf, should visit the hotel in Kruger National Park in South Africa. A room here costs 2000$.

Top-10 most expensive hotels 5

5. Saint Barthelemy Island has also surprised the world with its Hotel Le Toiny. You’ll have to pay 2000$ per night in this hotel. But this cost includes breakfast in two-room apartment.

Top-10 most expensive hotels 6

6. The hotel, built in 1999 takes high places among the business sharks. The price for a room is 2000$ per day. The price is comparatively low, taking into consideration, that you get the whole villa at your disposal. The hotel is called Wakaya Club.

Top-10 most expensive hotels 7

7. The seventh place in our rating takes the hotel Turtle Island. The hotel is not only among the most expensive (the price ranges from 1 900 to 2 200 dollars per night), but also among the most beautiful in the world. It was predetermined by its location on the island Fiji. Such celebrities as Tom Cruise and Brithney Spears stayed here. And for them price is certainly not as important as a beautiful beach and good rest.

Top-10 most expensive hotels 8

8. The oldest hotel in our list is Huka Ladge. But you’d never guess from the look of it, that it was built in 1920. The room here costs 1500$.

Top-10 most expensive hotels 9

9. The ninth place takes, of course, a hotel in Dubai. There’re many legends about this hotel,called Burj Al Arab. The minimal price for a room is 1400$, while the royal rooms cost 7000$.

Top-10 most expensive hotels 10

10. And the last in the List is hotel Little Palm Island. The average price here is 1400$, but, for example, for a cup you’ll have to pay not less than 7$.