Top 10 hotels for family vacations

Feature of these hotels is to best spend your vacation with the whole family. Much attention is paid to children on holiday, so parents picked hotels, which can find something to do, both adults and children. Top 10 hotels for family entertainment, talks about the best hotels of this type.

Top 10 hotels for family vacations 1

1. Llao Llao Hotel in Argentina
Visitors to the hotel often get the feeling that they are somewhere in Austria. Scenic views of small mountains that are covered with forest can be seen from any window of the hotel. The hotel is located on the shores of the lake, so along with the children can walk along the shore. You can also visit various entertainment venues.

Top 10 hotels for family vacations 2

2. Kemer Resort Hotel in Turkey
In 2012, the hotel received the title of best in Europe. It is located near Mount Taurus, the amazing beauty of which is capable of hitting all visitors. In addition, there are plenty of clubs for children, as well as restaurants with excellent Turkish cuisine, so that the rest of the hotel promises to be interesting.

Top 10 hotels for family vacations 3

3. Hayman Island Resort in Australia
Because the hotel is on the reef, guests have a great opportunity to go diving. The hotel has all the necessary equipment for this sport. In order to ensure that children are never bored, the hotel offers all sorts of entertainment.

Top 10 hotels for family vacations 4

4. Sun City Resort in South Africa
The complex, which consists of four buildings, impresses visitors with wave pool, as well as an African safari. Comfortable rooms for the whole family, as well as excellent service, able to surprise all visitors. Rest in this place will be remembered for both adults and children, because it will be very interesting and entertaining.

Top 10 hotels for family vacations 5

5. Lily Beach Resort Maldives
Many tourists want to spend your holidays in the Maldives. The prices here are quite high, but worth it. The hotel provides its customers not only comfortable accommodation, but also entertainment for both children and their parents.

Top 10 hotels for family vacations 6

6. Forte Village Resort in Italy
New luxury hotel that offers visitors to visit the subtropical climate of Sardinia, has everything you need for a family holiday. This place could be given the title of the best, if not its price, which is $ 1,000 per night.

Top 10 hotels for family vacations 7

7. Nexus Resort Karambunai in Malaysia
The hotel offers visitors plenty of areas for children, as well as fields for fans to play in debt and real jungle. Rest in this place can please not only the number of services provided, but also its price.

Top 10 hotels for family vacations 8

8. Dusit Thani Laguna Beach Resort in Thailand
In order to give pleasure to rest not only parents and their children, the hotel offers to spend time with Thai elephants, which lead trainers. Adults can have fun playing golf or bowling.

Top 10 hotels for family vacations 9

9. Tivoli Praia do Forte in Brazil
If in some hotels, the kids can see real elephants, the «Tivoli Praia do Forte» provides the opportunity to play with these turtles, which is filled with beach in Baja. The hotel provides visitors with a lot of other entertainment that will delight children and adults.

Top 10 hotels for family vacations 10

10. The Jebel Ali Beach Resort in the UAE
The hotel, which is considered the best for a family holiday in the Middle East. Here, you can play golf, and find lots of other entertainment. Despite the fact that there are only professional staff, the prices for the rooms were democratic.