Top 10 most distinctive hotels of the world

Not so many people know that marketing is one of the most important issue of individual business. The point is that in this economic sector, advertisement acts as not only, as they say, the engine of commerce, but it has become the mean of getting money as well. As a result, hotels’ owners indulged their fantasy, trying to differ from their peers and colleagues as hard as possible in order to create most unusual hotels.

Although such novelty doesn’t provide with the intended effect, that’s why we decided to make a list of most distinctive and unusual hotels that became the result of such a competition.

Top 10 most distinctive hotels of the world 1

1. Hotel Silken Puerta America is situated in Madrid, Spain. Owners of Madrid hotels have quite good sense of humor, calling it internally, vinaigrette. It got its name for the combination of different architectural styles that comes to no good. Although, to tell the truth, the hotel has one positivepoint – lately it is shown to the tourists as one of the unique place of interests of Madrid.

Top 10 most distinctive hotels of the world 2

2. Hotel Spirit is situated in Bratislava, Slovakia. It has literally a very unique and interesting view. When you come to this hotel, the first thing you think of is that its creators are real fans of graphite. It’s visible through all surfaces of the hotel. We must admit that the colours and the paintings on the walls were made by the person who, if we may say that, was not so good at colour perception. This design doesn’t prevent people from staying here though.

Top 10 most distinctive hotels of the world 3

3. Marina Bay Sands Hotel situated in Singapore may be considered to be the most unique one. On the one hand, it seems there is nothing interesting in it, on the other hand, we can find a lot of peculiarities here. The point is that the hotel is constructed of three unusual skyscrapers that are adjacent together with a roof shaped as a boat that is flying in the sky. Plus, on the board there is a swimming pool where it’s possible to do both swim and check out the city from the highest point of it.

Top 10 most distinctive hotels of the world 4

4. Atlantis The Palm Hotel situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is a great example of bad investment, or pointing in a better way, it shows that you won’t achieve the desirable result only just due to investing great amount of money. With all its rich exterior it amazes how tasteless it is. Who knows, maybe the authors were aiming to that in the first place.

Top 10 most distinctive hotels of the world 5

5. Hang Nga Guesyhouse is located in Da Lat, Viet Nam. Except for its official name, it got two other ones known among the people that most precisely show its nature. One of them is « Mad House, another is « The Zoo». They say, it got its first name for the appearance as it’s shaped as a weird fantastic tree, making us create judgments on the psyche of the person who has created it. It’s called « The Zoo» as the rooms are in the style of national animals.

Top 10 most distinctive hotels of the world 6

6. Westin New York at Times Square Hotel, situated in New York, the USA elicits quite a complex reaction. It fits well into the main view of the neighborhood, but its exteriors leaves much to be desired. We may assume that the author wanted to express something by that coloring, but nobody could get it.

Top 10 most distinctive hotels of the world 7

7. First World Hotel – Genting Resorts World located in Genting Malaysia is called « the first one», but can hardly be named like that. Its architecture doesn’t really match the environment as well as closely situated administrative and office buildings. But these are far not all of the minuses that the hotel has – its interior is in the 60s style and the hotels is not suitable for the rich.

Top 10 most distinctive hotels of the world 8

8. Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel is in Antwerpen, Belgium. Many of Belgian architects and city constructors have argues about it. The point is that, according to their view, the architect didn’t place the hotel in the right spot. It’s situated close to accommodation units in classical style. This building is far from that style.

Top 10 most distinctive hotels of the world 9

9. Royal Tulip Brasilia Alvorada Hotel in Alvorado, Brazil differs with its originality, we may even stress that it’s too extravagant. That’s because every visitor coming to the hotel feels as if in the dungeon or in an underground skip. Probably, this is not the best comparison of it, but that’s exactly the same way visitors describe it.

Top 10 most distinctive hotels of the world 10

10. Grand Lisboa Macau situated in Macau, almost in the city centre. Most likely, the original plan of the architect was to present the spirit of South-Eastern Asia in this hotel. As usual, the hotel was built in a wrong place that makes it look quite stately together with other spare buildings.