The building of architect Toyo Ito

Expression — «Architecture should not be frozen music,» says Japanese architect Toyo Ito, a newly-laureate of the prestigious Pritzker Prize. His buildings are called «timeless», they are marked by the «air and wind» prevailing in them and the magnificent game of forms. is a news site in the world of tourism and travel, gathered the most vivid, in our opinion, Toyo Ito projects, from the early ones like the White U house to the recent — the wavy residential complex in Barcelona, the museum in Japan dedicated to the creativity of the master, as well as a perforated arts center in Matsumoto. All of them are distinguished by such a nice geometry that it is not at all surprising to see Toyo Ito among the best of the best. He will receive Pritzker Prize on May 29 in Boston, in the Presidential Library and the JF Kennedy Museum

«Home for All», Akita, Japan. 1993-1997

The Matsumoto Arts Center, (2004)

The media library in Sendai, (2000)

Crematorium Meiso no Mori in Kakamigahar, (2006)

TOD’s store in Tokyo, (2004)

House White U, Tokyo, Japan, (1975-1976)

Toyo Ito. Pavilion for the gallery Serpentine, 2002

The Toyo Ito Pavilion in Bruges

«Tower of the Winds» in Yokohama, (1986)

National Stadium in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, (2006-2009)

Library of the University of Art Tama, Tokyo, Japan. (2004-2007)

Hotel Porta Fira in Barcelona, (2009)

Residential complex Suites Avenue, Barcelona

Museum of Architecture Toyo Ito, Japan, (2011)