In a world where there are many hassles and problems, everyone is looking for a secluded haven for spiritual strength. One of such great dwelling places is Diveevo, there are many sacred places here, which, though rare, but heal. One of the unique places in Diveevo is the Holy Trinity Seraphim-Diveevo Convent, which for many years takes pilgrims, as if to stop and give the right time for peace of mind.

Everyone who comes to the monastery, tries to find peace and think about more important things than the daily fuss. Joining the procession, pilgrims go to the neighboring village, in which other holy places are located. Collect and drink water from Diveevskiy sources gives not only health, but also strength.

The most important landmark of this region is the Gulf of Heaven, which was created by order of the Mother of God, and Serafim Sarovsky himself began to lay it. The construction itself lasted 3.5 years, the work did not stop even in the winter. In the years when there was a confrontation between the authorities and Orthodoxy, they repeatedly wanted to destroy the shrine, but the patroness of these places carefully kept the Gulf.

Seraphim of Sarov often took a healing clay, with the help of which he helped many parishioners, get rid of various ailments. There is practically no number of beneficial influence of holy places on the state of mind of everyone who comes here with sincere faith and an open heart, thus allowing to have a beneficial effect on the state of the soul. Many pilgrims, coming with everyday worries, simply forget about everything and mysteriously strengthen themselves in faith, receive solace, protect the shrine. The Trinity Cathedral, which contains the relics of Seraphim of Sarov, is the center of spirituality.