In Russia there are more than a dozen interesting natural caves that open their arms to every tourist, showing and revealing all of their beauty created by nature for several centuries. Kungur ice cave also belongs to such amazing places. It began its work in 1914, when the Kungur tenant began to clear it, equipped with special equipment for safer visits to various excursions.

The route itself was created so that the tourist could see all the hidden places of extraordinary beauty. The excursion program lasted from 3 to 5 hours, and the final point was the beautiful Great Underground Lake.

Visiting the cave, many realize how majestic nature is with its millennial landscapes, amazing grottoes intersecting with narrow paths, underground lakes, unique landscapes open to the tourist. The game of form and color is simply fascinating.

In these caves are often held contests in which it is interesting to participate as an adult, and children, because each person opens the cave in their own way. The high professionalism of guides enthralls children on a journey that further affects already grown-up people and their relation to the untouched depths of nature, to the history of the earth, geology and other natural aspects that must be so cherished for other generations.

Sylva River, skillfully cut the Ufa Plateau, forming a rocky valley that has a unique relict flora. On the Spassky Mount you can find flora belonging to different epochs. Having visited once such magnificent places of Russia as the Kungur Ice Cave, Spasskaya and Grekhovskaya Gora, watching the unique preserved flora, tourists come in contact with amazing creations of nature.