Wonderful Honey Waterfalls

The most beautiful sunrise in the mountains in the Caucasus. The dark sky hangs over the mountain peaks, everything is immersed in dusk colors. And suddenly the first ray cut through the clouds, slides along Elbrus and illuminates the district. The nature of the North Caucasus is so pristine that here you want to be born again. That is why tourists visit this region more and more often.

Often people go to Kislovodsk. Since only here you can drink the amount of mineral water that will hold your stomach. Anyone wishing to visit the mud baths, as well as the wonderful Honey waterfalls. In principle, only one waterfall is called Honey. This is the highest waterfall, about eighteen meters. In total there are five waterfalls in the area of the Alinovka River, which has a spring origin.

The names of water jets coincide with their character, as they fall and that surrounds them. Here they are: waterfalls Pearl, Windmill, Snake, Secret. Naturally, the jets of the waterfall, called the Honey, do not consist of «famous sweets.» It’s because the sweet smell of honey spreads around, especially in the summer heat. The indigenous people say that once upon a delicious smell wild bees flew in a great multitude …

According to ancient traditions, honey, flowing out of the hives, got into the water, and there was a wonderful expiration of honey water. Previously, this area was visited by newly-minted spouses. They rested far away from people and enjoyed romantic solitude. Now the newlyweds live not in the wild, but in a well-equipped recreation center.

The mountainous terrain surrounding the waterfall shines with pinkish shades (pink basalt gives this effect), the sign (cliff), the famous Lermontov mountain-ring, can be seen from the trail. The slopes of the mountains are covered with moss, grass, hazel bushes. All these landscapes against the background of the noise of waterfalls have a beneficial and calming effect on the nervous system.