Safety of Russian roads

Since 2016, obtaining rights in the Russian Federation will be more difficult. The authorities tightened the rules for passing the exam for driving a vehicle. The required draft in the government’s decree at the last stage of the audit, and soon will be signed, the law will change the examination tickets until 2016.

As a result of the public hearing, many corrections were made to the document. This will not only make the driving school difficult, but also establish new rules and requirements for the exam. After the enactments come into force, future drivers will be forced to take 3 instead of 2 tests. Before, 2 stages were included in practice, today they were divided into 2 separate ones. However, do not worry, the preparation of tickets will help tickets 2016 online.

The main sense of this measure is the economic aspect. Candidates will have to pay separately the state fee for each exam and every attempt. The idea of legislators will allow you to recruit N-th amount not only to replenish the treasury, but also significantly improve the quality level of training in driving schools and the responsibility of the educational institution before students studying tickets until 2016. And, as a consequence, more qualified training of future drivers, i.е. to some extent it will ensure the safety of Russian roads …

Additionally, future drivers will be limited by the number of attempts to retake exams. Provision of a second chance only after 7 days. When the test fails to pass and from 3 times, the next attempt is made after the expiration of the month. True, this will increase the validity period of a good evaluation, for surrendering the theory — from 3 to 6 months. Pass the exam in a driving school will be possible only in a driving school with 80% successful surrender theory students. Qualification of examiners also increases — the presence of higher education and an age limit of 25 years.

Additionally, for successful training and increasing the chances of putting theoretical knowledge to the students of driving schools on the SDA website, you can try to pass the test for knowledge of the rules. The site of the traffic rules online 2016 is a way to update information on traffic rules at no extra cost. But each student can purchase an updated book with the rules of the SDA for personal use during training at any bookstore.