Let’s remember the youth of the great power — social services of Belarus

The Republic of Belarus is a country in the eastern part of Europe, which has no access to the sea, but is surrounded by picturesque green areas. Belarus became famous for the fact that there are many medical resorts with mineral waters. No less famous are the cultural and historical sights of this country. The most popular among Belarus is those who prefer traveling through the post-Soviet space.

Very often, tourists come to this country to visit famous national parks such as Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Dnepro-Sozhinsky Reserve and Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. In addition to attractions, Belarus has interesting places for recreation, and ski resorts are especially popular. Sanatoriums of Belarus (http://www.sockurorty.ru/belarus.htm) — this is what you need to visit this country for. Here, in order to become healthier, not only residents of Russia, but also tourists from neighboring countries come. Value for money attract tourists, because it is unlikely to find another place where for the sake of health you will give such a small amount.

One of the most popular in the Republic of Belarus are sanatoriums for children, such as «Bogatyr». Here, the little guests will be located on the very bank of the river. This is an excellent option for children’s recreation, because fresh and clean pine air, which takes place due to a close location to the forest, allows children to at least a short time to relax in a place not covered by gas. In addition, here the child will treat all problems with vision.

For adults, an excellent option will be the sanatorium «Alesya» and «Belaya Vezha», where you can eliminate problems with the musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, as well as the cardiovascular system. The big plus of these sanatoriums is that they have an indoor pool, and each guest can take water procedures, regardless of the time of the year in which he came.

Another popular place is the sanatorium «Belaya Rus». It is located near the famous lake Naroch, which is also the largest in Belarus. In addition, the sanatorium is surrounded by a mixed forest, so the guests are provided with clean and pleasant air. All year round the resort takes visitors, so you can relax here not only in the summer, but also spend Christmas holidays.