Online insurance «Green Card» in Ukraine

A green card is a contract or, in other words, a policy of international character, an insurance of the civil liability of the car owner who travels outside his country. This is a binding paper, which acts on the territories of other countries, and in clarification in 47.

In accordance with the current law, the Green Card agreement can be implemented:

-an individual,

-a legal entity (company, enterprise, organization) on whose account the vehicle is legally available.

In the contract «Green Card» is insured not a car, but a driver of the vehicle. In other words, the insurance company that concluded this type of contract, in the event of damage by the car owner (with the Green Card agreement), to other road users, is obliged to pay them the amount of incurred or incurred costs. The insured event is an accident (road accident), when the «third» representative of the traffic is harmed, this is the reason for paying insurance.

With the help of the «Green Card» there is an opportunity to compensate the amount of damage that the car owner caused to the health of «third persons» or the amount of damage to their car. When you make out an insurance policy, the amount of the liability limit (insurance amount) is not set in advance, and if an accident occurs, the insurance amount will be established on the basis of the laws of the country where the incident occurred.

Limitations for payment on the «Green Card» (or any other) are not available. The cost of the contract depends on:

-cost of vehicle,

-the term of the contract,

-Countries visited.

In order to save time, you can apply for the Green Card insurance by calling on the online service

  1. It is necessary to choose an insurance company (it is advisable to give preference to larger ones, verified and approved their name).
  2. Calculate the cost of the policy. Fill in the data:

— type of vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, bus, trailer or semi-trailer),

— territory of the contract,

— duration of the contract.

  1. Enter the data in the questionnaire (they are necessary for registration of the contract (policy)).
  2. Indicate the convenient way of delivery of the policy.
  3. Choose a convenient payment option and pay.

When choosing online insurance, please contact the phone numbers listed on the insurance company’s website to make sure that the company is really not fictitious.