Guides for foreign tourists

Interest in Russia in the world is growing. More and more people visit it as tourists. Naturally, the overwhelming majority of them do not speak Russian. Guides, even those compiled by professionals, can not provide exhaustive information about the city, sights, and museum that you visit. Moreover, Russia has a rich history, its own philosophy and if you want poetry. No booklet or website on the Internet can not disclose them.

With this task can only cope with a professional guide interpreter guide. Man is given to understand and convey to others the versatility of the world, the fullness of feelings, the beauty of the moment. A new place always causes a feeling of some kind of mystery and often someone who already knows it is needed to explain and teach them to understand it.

In addition, the guide is well aware of the places visited, knows where to turn for help in case of unforeseen situations, is able to give exhaustive answers to your questions, keeps track of the schedule, coordinates the route and, if necessary, can change it, to some extent ensures your safety.

A good guide, in addition to perfectly perfecting the simultaneous translation of the speech, always before going with the group to the tour will try to study it. He will note for himself the preferences of tourists, their physical abilities, take into account age and religion, culinary preferences, even intellectual abilities. Based on this, plans and excursions will be drawn up. Usually, the guide must take into account many other small things — weather and road conditions, the mentality of tourists and local residents, the possibility of unforeseen situations — a breakdown in transport, a sudden illness or trauma of a tourist, natural disasters.

The tourist before the trip should also be prepared. First of all, check the route of the trip, find out how safe it is, and in connection with the fact that the situation can quickly change better than security, pay more attention. Ideally, it would be nice to get acquainted with the guide in advance and find out about the composition of the excursion group. Than such a group is smaller, the better, the more attention is paid to each tourist. There is a rule limiting the maximum number of tourists to one guide accompanying a group.

Thus, having well prepared for a tourist trip, having thought all the details and having a professional guide you can be sure that your tour will be informative, fascinating, not too tiring and certainly unforgettable.