What do you need to take with you on your trip?

If you believe in practice, then any journey, as a rule, will be a little preparation, during which potential travelers are not only determined with the upcoming route, but also with what at least it is necessary to take with them on the road.

In fact, despite the fact that most modern hotels try to provide their guests with all the necessary trifles. And this, starting from the same bath towel or a terry dressing gown. And finishing with hygienic supplies, and filled with a minibar. However, much has to be taken with you on your own. It should be noted that in the process of preparing for the forthcoming trip, there are two principal points.

It is the preparation for a trip to a civilized place, namely a trip to the same multi-star hotel or medical-preventive sanatorium, differs significantly from preparing for a trip to the taiga, mountains or wild coast, of any reservoir. After all, in the latter case, in the same taiga you will hardly need bath slippers or the same branded, terry dressing gown with the monograms of the hotel.

In the taiga or fishing, warm clothes, a waterproof jacket and comfortable shoes are more necessary. At the same time, almost any set of «wild» tourists, as a rule, contains such a necessary object as a thermos bottle. And to buy a thermos in the online store to date is quite simple. After all, this is enough to make an order on this or that Internet resource. And, having the necessary amount of money, you need to wait for the courier and get your cherished thermos, which is indispensable not only in the long hike in the taiga wilderness, but also in the same domestic conditions, when you just need to brew strong coffee or a medical rose hip.

For the first time in the household, the thermos appeared at the very beginning of the last century, namely on September 30, 1903, when the German inventor Rheingold Burger, having borrowed a little from the idea of ​​keeping heat in the Dewar vessel, received a patent DE170057 and suggested that he be named only THERMOS, the Greek word «hot». And having received a fairly wide recognition, Rheingold Burger could not think of anything else than to establish the eponymous firm Thhermos-Gesellschaft m.b.H. or the modern mode of Thermos GmbH, which supplies this and today.