Choosing a vacation abroad

For example, take a beach holiday. Here, tourists will have the opportunity to carelessly luxuriate on sandy and pebbled sea beaches.

Therefore, if you do not have rest, some other requirements, except how to sunbathe on the beach and have fun, then you can not go better than the resorts of Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Bulgaria and others. To such a rest are laid down minimum requirements. The main thing here is comfort.

The next type of foreign holidays can be sightseeing tours. Such trips will be of interest to those who are fond of history and mythology and from an early age dreamed of visiting places where chivalry tournaments or other interesting historical events could take place. Such routes have long been defined by tour operators, and you only need to make a choice, the route and places that you would like to visit.

There are a lot of them — this is Greece and the ancient castles of France, and Italy can not be talked about, there are just an incredible number of historical sights. Such tours can be interesting for both adults and children. Here the main thing is for parents to decide which places their children might like, and then the trip for all will be interesting and fascinating.

Separately, I want to say about this form, like vacation abroad — trekking tours and extreme. Probably, most of us went to hiking in the school years, lived in a tent, cooked dinner at the stake. So, many Russian tour operators will gladly offer you such tours abroad. Where you can get a breath of fresh forest air, live in a tent, really set up a tent and cook dinner, specially trained staff. In similar tours, you can also ride a horse or go down the river in a kayak, collect mushrooms or catch fish.