The device has one fairly simple goal — to measure the number of steps that you had to go through. Earlier, pedometers were most often used by military or professional athletes. However, today, ordinary people, also actively began to apply it. And it is not accidental that scientists have proved that for good health, a person must pass about 10,000 steps within 24 hours.

Before there were cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, it was quite simple to adhere to this standard, but now without a pedometer it became very difficult to control the distance that we pass a day. But this is our health. And if some can afford to buy different simulators, install them in the apartment and engage in them on a daily basis, then it may be more convenient and useful for others to buy a pedometer and go outside, walk on fresh air, and at the same time carry out the daily standard for walking. Thus, keep all the muscle groups in a tonus and that your health is very important.

Pedometers are of three types: mechanical, electronic-mechanical and electronic. Mechanical pedometers are gradually disappearing into oblivion and their working principle is very simple. There is a certain load with a spring that swings like a pendulum. Such a simple mechanism allows, with each movement of the foot, to move the pointer of the dial to one division, which in the end will show the total number of steps you have taken.

In electronic-mechanical pedometers, the mechanism is much more complex and it accepts the body’s vibration when walking, and then passes them to the sensor, and the sensor to the dial. Such sensors are by far the most popular, since they have the best price-quality ratio. As for electronic pedometers, these are very expensive devices, which in their calculations use the most complicated mathematical-electronic calculations. And in some models, even provides for communication with the satellite. Where the quality of communication is not the last place in determining your results. This is something that can be said briefly about pedometers. If you are interested in such a device, then you will find a huge number of them, where in each model there will be many different useful functions.