SPA hotel «Deauville»

Somewhere the service is at the highest level, and somewhere the service is paid very little attention from what, first of all, the owners of hotels and resorts suffer. After all, in a hotel with poor service, few people will want to settle. Another reason to visit resorts in Turkey or Egypt is the widely accepted all-inclusive service system. At us such resorts have started to appear more recently and them, certainly, it is not enough. One of them is the SPA Hotel Deauville Anapa. This hotel deserves the maximum attention of tourists, because it fully corresponds to the five-star service system.

In this hotel you will feel a wonderful attitude to yourself right from the doorstep, because when you arrive at the hotel you will be offered a welcome drink, fruit and champagne in the room (except for the Standard Mini category). Further maintenance is also no different from the popular world resorts. Here, vacationers will receive three meals a day, and wishing to provide alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. If you come with a child, you will be pleasantly surprised by the excellent children’s menu. In addition, the so-called intermediate food is offered, which can include pizza, coffee, various pancakes, cocktails, etc. The quality of service and the power system in this chic hotel can be told for a very long time. But you can not keep silent about the appearance of the hotel. But his architecture can also cheer up visitors.

Hotel Deauville Anapa consists of several interconnected cottages, and the surrounding area has a rest area. The main building of the hotel is called «Chalet». It houses the main hotel restaurant, a chic conference room, children’s entertainment venues, cafes and much more. For lovers of water attractions and just swim — the hotel has an outdoor heated swimming pool and a children’s bathing sector.

In addition, there is a whole complex of outdoor pools filled with fresh water, where various attractions are installed, among which are aqua-gardens for different ages. The so-called exotic vacation will be also interesting and unforgettable. Such a holiday just can not help but like it. Because after visiting the chic resorts of Bali or Sri Lanka, tourists remain impressed for many years.