Rent an apartment for a day: how to choose the right option

Variants of rented accommodation

  1. Hotels. Option for those who are used to comfort and do not want to take extra steps to achieve it. Are you satisfied with breakfast in the cafe and the presence of the maid? Then this option is for you.
  2. For connoisseurs of home comfort, renting an apartment for a day in Moscow is preferable. You are left to your own devices, there are no annoying concierges, there is no need to leave your house for a cup of coffee. Moreover, some owners allow smoking indoors or keeping pets. These are aspects that are quite rare today.
  3. Hostel — an offer for a budget tourist. For a modest payment you can rent a decent bed in a great place. Here you are home comfort, and extreme from living together with strangers, and fun pastime.

How to choose the right option

Having decided on the priorities, it is necessary to take up the calculation of the budget. The most expensive option is a hotel. If you want to rent an apartment by the day, then there are two options — to apply directly to the landlord owning the apartment or to an officially registered company that provides this kind of services. In the first case there is a chance to get on scammers or just not very decent people. The deal may break, and finding a home in Moscow in the shortest time and at an affordable price is very difficult.

Choosing the «Company» you insure yourself against such risks, entering into an official contract and making an official payment. All operations are documented, which is especially important for those who use accountable funds.

A real estate agent can have a rented or own apartment fund, so there will be no problems with the choice of location. If you are in Moscow in transit, the time between flights is more than a day, then it makes sense to consider the option of accommodation not at the airport, but near a convenient subway station. This will make it possible to reduce the cost of the transfer and see the capital. Apartments for rent in Moscow Kiev metro station is quite rich. This place in the center of Moscow, from which Aeroexpress to Vnukovo runs, is Kievsky railway station and one of the largest shopping centers of the capital. So you can relax in luxury apartments for an adequate price, see Moscow and do no unnecessary actions.