Interesting places in the Northern capital


How say many guides accompanying bus excursions to St. Petersburg, that, if only briefly to get acquainted with all the exhibits exhibited in this museum, it will take at least several years, even if you stop at each exhibit for not more than one minute. After all, from the moment when the Imperial Hermitage was opened for public inspection, and it was in 1852, it is rightly considered the largest museum in Europe, it can be somewhat inferior to the famous Louvre of Paris.

Nevsky Prospect

In addition to being considered the warmest place in the whole of St. Petersburg, on average 2 or 3 degrees, than throughout the city, Nevsky Prospekt has the widest width, from all the central streets, practically all the capitals of Europe. And this is not too much, but 60 with a few meters, which is the famous Gostiny Dvor. At the same time, the Gostiny Dvor itself is also a historical monument of architecture in St. Petersburg and is protected by an international and respected organization like UNESCO. Since it was built according to the design of the unrivaled Italian Rastrelli. And although, since 1967, Gostiny Dvor, is a department store, it continues to drive tours. At the same time, if we started talking about the Gostiny Dvor, from the same year in 1967 the station of the deepest subway in the world was opened in it. After all, the St. Petersburg metro is laid at a depth of 70 to 80 meters.


In addition to the fact that the Admiralty building is the most beautiful, historic building of St. Petersburg and at the same time the official headquarters of the General Staff of the Russian Navy. The building of the Admiralty, together with its weather vane, located on a spire, 72 meters high, is also a symbol of St. Petersburg itself. At the same time, according to available data, the weathervane-boat, the prototype of which was the sailing frigate «Eagle», weighs more than 65 kilograms, two of which are real gold of 986 tests and a little more than two meters in length.

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