«Blues» on the banks of the Neva River or tourism in the northern capital

St. Petersburg Tourism News

In addition to this trip through St. Petersburg you can continue and just stroll through its streets and avenues, which in themselves are the property of history and gray-haired antiquities. And this is Nevsky Prospect, Anichkov Bridge and Church of Our Savior on Blood. And if at leisure to read such a local publication as the «Tourism News of St. Petersburg», then there for the guests of the city you can read quite a lot of interesting information about where and how you can get to this museum in this city.

However, if you have problems, where to pass the night or have a good dinner, then there are no special issues here. And one of such places can be the «Blues Hotel» in St. Petersburg, which is considered ambiguously one of the best mini-hotels in the city. At the same time, the hotel itself is located in the center of the city, in a quiet lane of a residential, two-story house, which is on Spassky, it’s practically next to Haymarket Square.

Blues Hotel

In addition, the convenience of the location of the hotel is connected with the fact that if you are not a fan of using taxi services, the «Blues Hotel» is located almost next to the metro station and the «Sadovaya» stop for other types of public transport.

And if after a long walk around the city, then in the «Blues Hotel», in your room, for you prepared the whole complex of everything necessary for a full rest. At the same time, if you do not talk about the bathroom and the shower, and also not a bad mini bar, then after a warm shower it is possible to watch a satellite TV or listen to your favorite music on the multimedia system located here.

Hospitable city

And if you come to St. Petersburg to solve any business issues, then free Wi-Fi, telephone and fax services are at your disposal as well as a «continental» breakfast, which is also included in the cost of living.

And if you want a little sit down with a cup of hot coffee and in silence to think about their plans for the next day, it offers a small cafe of this hotel, which really do not offer alcohol, then a variety of teas and coffee, not to mention the variety of cakes to your service.