Rest in Ukraine: the mountain air of the Carpathians or the high-speed rhythm of the capital

To go on tours around Europe is certainly popular and fashionable. But rest in Ukraine can provide tourists with many new impressions and beautiful views. Sometimes, it’s even a shame to go around all around, and not to see what is located at arm’s length. In addition, rest in relative proximity to the house is suitable for a weekend or a very short holiday, when there is no time for long journeys. It is also advantageous in terms of cost.

Charm Carpathians: tours for every taste

The Carpathians are good because nature pleases here, regardless of the season. Although most tourists tend to get to the ski resorts in winter, in summer nature is no less good. It provides an opportunity for forest walks with picking berries and mushrooms, visiting natural springs and health resorts. A visit to the Carpathians is not just entertainment, but a breath of fresh air in the literal sense. It is difficult to find a more suitable place for health improvement.

In the summer, Carpathian holiday homes also provide tourists with active activities such as horseback riding, quad biking, biking, hunting and paragliding. A variety of excursion programs: from trips by bus to sanatoriums with tasting of therapeutic mineral waters and excursions to ancient castles to explore the rocks of Dovbush with their bizarre forms created by nature. Everyone wishing to become healthy and distracted from the daily routine can pick up their own wonderful vacation in the Carpathian Mountains at

Excursions around Kiev: metropolitan coloring

Deciding to visit Ukraine, it is best to begin with an excursion to the capital. If the next weekend is coming, which you have nothing to occupy, why not go on a friendly company or just with your beloved person to Kiev? An excursion to Kiev on the weekend from the travel agency Golden Globe is a way to get a lot of new impressions, to unwind and forget about the pressing problems for a very modest fee. This is a good alternative to a TV and a stove for the weekend, which leaves memories for a lifetime.

It can be excursions to cathedrals and belltowers, descent to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, a walk along Khreshchatyk, Maidan and Andreevskiy descent. The surveys of the main legends and myths of Kiev with the visit of the main architectural monuments, in particular the famous House with chimeras, built by the extraordinary Polish architect Gorodetsky are also in demand. For children there will be unforgettable trips to the Kiev zoo and a visit to the botanical garden.