Bryansk tourist

Bryansk is a city of many thousands in the Russian Federation, which is located 380 km from Moscow. In 2010, this city, by presidential decree, received the status of «city of military glory.» This locality is far from being the last in terms of economic importance in the country, as there are strategically important enterprises in machine building and metalworking.

Bryansk is a multi-faceted city of contrasts, which managed to unite the industrial sector of the economy and the actively developing cultural sphere of life, which do not contradict, but complement each other organically. Therefore, for many Russian and foreign tourists, it is an object of increased attention.

Fans of heavy industry and heavy machinery come here to touch the titanic power of industrial facilities and road construction companies, radioelectronicsmen rush here to visit the NNPF Electroapparat and the Bryansk Electromechanical Plant. The cultural heritage of the city, which is particularly richly represented, is of particular historical value. This region presents tourists the opportunity to visit such cultural facilities as the Bryansk Regional Theater of the Young Spectator, the Regional Puppet Theater, the Concert Hall of the regional philharmonic society «Friendship» and others.

For connoisseurs of rare exhibits, this city offers an equally interesting program. Tourists-historians and scholars of local lore can visit the Bryansk State Unified Local History Museum and the Bryansk Regional Art Museum-Exhibition Center.

Bryansk has always been, is and will be attractive for tourists thanks to a well-established transport system — the city operates Bryansk International Airport, there are bus stations. An important role in the life of the city is played by railway transport, which today carries out both passenger and freight traffic.

From the capital to the city you can get on the daily high-speed train Moscow-Bryansk, which was launched in 2013. The regional center is also connected by railways to such cities as St. Petersburg, Saratov, Adler, Anapa, Voronezh, Volgograd, Vitebsk.

On the territory of the administrative center of the region there are two large railway stations — Bryansk-1 and Orlovskiy, the timetable for which is available here, accepting long-distance and short-distance trains, and also serving suburban electric trains.

The city tourist sphere is perfectly developed today, therefore this unique city of Russia should be visited to touch so many-sided historical and cultural heritage of the country.