Need a translation of the diploma with notarization? Find addresses of Moscow translation agencies

The borders between states are becoming more transparent. Tourists travel, businessmen create international corporations, students leave to study in foreign higher educational institutions. More and more popular are translation services, especially with notarization.

If you need addresses of translation bureaus in Moscow, you can ask your friends, but it’s much easier to use specialized Internet portals, where you can find a full list of companies that provide such services. Professional translation in Moscow will always be provided at a high level.

To help future foreign students

So, you decided to go to study at a foreign university. After the university is chosen, it is worthwhile to ask what requirements he puts forward for applicants from other countries. It is more reasonable to take information from official sources, so look for the site of an educational institution.

Special attention should be paid to the required documents on the education received. You will definitely need a translation of the diploma with a notarization, a certificate, a motivation letter. Almost always a foreign university requires a notarized translation, in 50 percent of cases there must be an apostille. Some foreign universities and colleges can accept a student and with documents just certified by the seal of an interpreter.

It is worthwhile to clarify whether it will be necessary to provide the app with estimates, it will also need to be translated into a foreign one. Be sure to find out about the rating system in the country where you are going to study, it can differ from the Russian one. This should take into account a specialist translation agency.

A motivation letter or the recommendation of teachers is a rather rare requirement, but some higher education institutions need it. Therefore, it is more reasonable to translate this document. It can be made in an arbitrary style, but it must be certified with a seal.

In what language is the diploma translated and all other documents on education? This again depends on the requirements of the institution, but most often it’s English. However, for Germany and Austria — German (although the language of Shakespeare is also suitable). It is more reasonable to learn this nuance in advance, so as not to do double work and not waste time.

All documents will be translated and notarized by the notary exclusively correctly, the deadline for performing the work depends on the volume and complexity of the source code. The translation bureau in Moscow employs professionals.