Amazing travel and rest on the Volga

Despite the fact that our domestic tourism has acquired a more foreign orientation, but traveling through the vast expanses of Russia also does not lose its relevance. After all, the same rest on the Volga, whose tourist centers can satisfy almost any requests of travelers, are not inferior to rest in the same Europe.

Volga and travel to its historical places

According to most domestic tour operators, traveling through the Volga retains fairly decent priorities among the other tourist routes that are currently offered by Russian and foreign travel agencies. After all, this is an amazing world: on the whole territory, through which this river flows, there are quite a lot of interesting historical sights that are really worth seeing, at least once in life.

And this category can include historical monuments of Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan and Saratov. Where are the architectural monuments of the history of our state. Not to mention the fact that thanks to the presence of the White Sea-Baltic canal, which connects the White Sea with the Onega Lake, and further access to the Volga-Baltic waterway, a water cruise along the Volga, on a cruise ship, can cover a fairly large area.

Volga cruises and travel quality

It should be noted that tourism in this area has a fairly developed infrastructure of tourist bases, rest homes and hotels, the level of which almost does not concede to the more advanced level of the services offered in Europe and Asia. And if in this case to speak about tourist comfort, then the travel data, according to a fairly large number of tourists who have already visited these tourist routes, the best option for recreation on the Volga is traveling on a comfortable boat, where almost all the comforts of the hotel are at the highest level.

However, this kind of travel has its own inconvenience. After all, the presence on these river vessels of a full range of services, including not only luxury cabins equipped with all necessary amenities, does not remove the «responsibility» from the participants of such a cruise to attend solemn events arranged by the ship’s captain with the observance of a fairly strict droskode.