How to choose the best resort in the Crimea?

Despite the fact that the Crimea is quite small, there are different climatic zones. This is due to the combination of the southern geographic location of the island with the presence of different forms of relief, as well as the influence of several seas. Heat on the peninsula almost all year round. Mostly the temperate climate prevails.

In the steppe areas it is soft and dry, and in the mountains and broad-leaved forests it is more humid. On the southern coast, the Mediterranean climate prevails. Therefore, tourists can be found in all parts of the peninsula. They come here not only to relax, but also to improve their health.

How to organize a holiday in the Crimea?

Today on the peninsula you can meet tourists who came to rest «savage». But their number is not so large as in other resort countries and cities. This is due to the fact that the tourist infrastructure here is at a level accessible to most people. Therefore, many travelers decide to seek help from travel agencies. This allows you to solve all the problems associated with finding a suitable hotel, helps you to adapt faster in an unfamiliar place and plan your time in advance. The finished tour package is a program carefully thought out to the smallest detail. It focuses not only on improving health, but also on visiting the most famous places.

Resorts of Crimea

Traveling across the Crimea should start with finding a suitable resort. Eastern Crimea is part of the peninsula, which includes the territory from the mountain Kara-Dag, the Kerch Peninsula. Basically here the plain relief prevails. Due to the fact that this coast is not so crowded, people who do not like constant noise and crowded beaches come to rest here. The most popular resorts here are: Beregovoe, Kerch, Koktebel.

The southern coast is a strip of the Black Sea coast stretching from Cape Aya to Mount Kara-Dag. This is the most popular region with a well-developed tourist infrastructure. The climate here is predominantly subtropical, and the beach season opens in the first half of June. The resorts of this part of Crimea are: Alushta, Gurzuf, Kanaka, Massandra, Sudak, Yalta and others.

Western Crimea attracts with its boundless steppes. In summer there is practically no rain. The main advantage of this place is the chic sandy beaches. Thanks to the coast with a gentle bottom this part of the peninsula is ideal for resting with children. Be sure to visit the following resorts: Andreevka, Evpatoria, Kacha, Chernomorskoe, Saki, Peschanoe.

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