Some interesting facts of one sixth of the sushi

It is difficult to prove unequivocally that one sixth of the land area of ​​our Planet is really secured beyond the territory of the Russian Federation, because it is not known what and who believed it. However, independently on this territory, interesting facts are collected, which will suffice for the remaining parts.

Interesting facts of domestic origin

As is customary in many guidebooks, for certain historical places or places of interest, begin the description with a small historical reference or geographic overview. Taking into account this tradition, it’s probably worth starting your own small essay about what interesting facts connect the rest of humanity with such a territorial formation as the Russian Federation that, following the last measurements of the area of ​​this territorial formation, a rather impressive figure has turned out, namely 17,075,400 square kilometers.

This, in turn, is several times larger than the area occupied by the United States of America, not to mention the whole of Europe except Greenland. And as the poll shows, more than 85 percent of Russians are happy about this state of things in the sense that there is, where to organize and conduct a variety of travel. In particular, if we talk about travel in general, then a rather peculiar journey may be a tourist tour, in which the main attractions will be karaoke restaurants in Moscow, which can also get into any section of the Guinness Book of Records.

The uniqueness of Russian nature

No less pleasant moment of the same geographical features of our Motherland is the presence on the territory of one sixth of the land of our Planet, perhaps the largest active volcano Klyuchevskaya Sopka. And the height of this natural phenomenon is neither much, nor little, but only 4,850 meters above sea level.

This does not prevent the volcano, already for more than seven thousand years, surprising the rest of the world, by the fact that all this time it continues to erupt. It should be noted that, given the last fact, a significant part of the Russians are fortunate enough that the Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano is on the outskirts of Russia Kamchatka, and not in the Central European part of Russia.

In this geographic situation, the creation of geothermal power stations on the slopes of the volcano for many decades would solve the problems of heat supply of a significant part of this region. So, as we see interesting facts that affect not only the geographical moments of our Motherland meet at almost every step, you only need to be able to see it.