Monuments of Europe in modern style for 45 000 dollars

It is for such a virtually «symbolic» sum that the French designer Bernie Du Pirata sells his offspring, as peculiar monuments of Europe — a hanging bed in the form of a ball about two meters in diameter, which can be hung almost anywhere.

Monuments of Europe in the form of a bed — it’s original …

Another name for it is the «cocoon bed». At the same time, if you consider that for $ 4,500 you can buy an «economy» option, then the more heaped model of an egg-shaped bed from Bernie Du Pirat can cost as much as $ 15,000, but that’s not the main thing. After all, this oldest continent has other, more «expensive» cultural monuments of Europe.

In this case we are talking about the design of the above-mentioned French architect, who, as his biographers say, after a number of unsuccessful projects, still created his own unique offspring weighing only fifty kilograms. And having presented it in one row, in which there are other cultural monuments of Europe, it turned out quite original, at least as a small PR-company. At the same time, many French people think that such a cocoon bed is suitable for large exotic fans or true snobs.

It should be noted that this design, made of aluminum and containing a large mattress, original cushions and an equally original blanket, if desired, can withstand the weight of «lodgers» within a ton. However, after the first success, Bernie Du Pirata went a little further and began to further develop his trend. So that not only France will see the other cultural monuments of Europe, only a few avant-garde style.

And again about the hanging bed

Those models that cost over $ 45,000 in value have already been equipped not only with artificial lighting and an electrical outlet for powering the music center, but also a real, fully functional air conditioner. So, if, after some time in one of them, Bernie Du Pirata, will place a branded salon under the signboard «Kerastase Cosmetics», will be even more original and more expensive.

True, this model line would have significantly weighed the cocoon bed, but its value justified a lot. As shown by the report on the rest of the people who bought it, it is very comfortable, I do not want to leave it!

But for such a talented designer, which was Bernie Du Pirata, this kind of unification of the model model was clearly inadequate. And, having received a patent for this invention, a talented Frenchman began to offer similar beach houses in the market, though not suspended to a branch of a thoroughly standing tree, but simply standing on the sand of a particular beach. Write from his wonderful house his travel notes on vacation — a pleasure! Well, no house on wheels ?! And this, perhaps, will be another idea, enterprising, and not too talented Bernie Du Pirat.