Key benefits of barriers

Most enterprises for the organization of access control often make a barrier installation in St. Petersburg. This special mechanism is used as a restrictor for exit / entry into a certain territory. They are a real system that functions and is controlled remotely. Such means are fences that surpass, in a number of characteristics, other fences.

The main competitor of such an object can be considered automatic gate, which can also be considered as an obstacle, but in this situation, their inconvenience is the significant time spent on opening. Even the most modern products need at least thirty seconds to enter, because it is not very reasonable to install such products in places where more thoughtful and stable protection is needed.

Of course, the main advantage of such gates is the fact that they allow creating safe conditions from other people, but is there an urgent need for their installation on the site used as a temporary location of the car? For example, it is probably unreasonable to arrange a solid gate in a car parking lot. In such cases, a more thoughtful solution can be considered the installation of cones.

If you calculate the time spent on opening / closing the gate, you can argue that this will take at least a third of the time. If we talk about barriers, this does not happen. Their opening is much faster, because they have a negligible mass. In addition, they can be remotely controlled.

The main sphere of application of such mechanisms is objects that do not require significant protection of a certain territory, but they need to pass cars. Such products are mainly used in enterprises that have their own vehicle fleet of service vehicles and allow the entry of personnel, partners and customers.

Due to the fact that the constant movement of transport in both directions does not allow us to spend «unnecessary» time to open / close the gate, automatic barriers were used at such points, which do not require significant temporary expenses for the removal of the fence. Moreover, these facilities can be opened and thanks to the remote control at a distance of about 100 m. If security is present on the territory of the company, its personnel will always be able to open this device.