Congratulations to friends on your birthday

Painting everyday workdays can birthdays of relatives, friends and just acquaintances. When we are invited, we prepare thoroughly for any celebration. We ponder our image, we go shopping in search of a gift and, of course, we think over the words that we will say during the presentation of the presentation. But it happens that we forget about the birthdays of acquaintances, and their invitation takes us by surprise. And then there are just a few problems: what to give and what to wish for.

What do you wish a friend?

With a gift, everything is a little easier, because you can always give money. But the question is what to wish for, when there is no time for preparation is much more acute. Many people find it very difficult to write beautiful and original wishes on the go. Especially, it brings a lot of difficulties, if you are not familiar with the person very closely. Many make one mistake — they give a gift, and do not want anything. This is a catastrophe. Such an attitude can greatly offend a person and spoil his mood for an indefinite time.

Sometimes it happens that they give a gift and say a couple of beaten times of wish. Formal wish good health, luck and success, it is unlikely to be remembered for a long time. It’s hard to argue that such hackneyed phrases are better than nothing at all.

But if you want to truly please the birthday person, then try to find the strength and say the original and creative congratulations on his birthday to the man. If you have a literary talent, then it will not be difficult for you to write even the smallest poem. Hearing such a heartfelt wish, the birthday boy melts.

If the muse left you, then in 5-10 minutes you can find an excellent congratulation on the Internet. Do not memorize it verbatim, it’s enough just to catch his general sense and emotional mood and pass it in your own words to the originator of the celebration. And there, who knows him, can find inspiration during the speech, and you can add a couple of sincere and sincere words from yourself.

Congratulations to a friend on his birthday

Selecting congratulations for a friend, consider a lot of factor. Firstly, her age, but it is not worth repeating in her words about it. Secondly, the marital status and status in society. Agree, it is very embarrassing to wish a woman success in family life if she divorced her husband two weeks ago. And, third, think about the nature of the woman and how she can receive your greetings.

With men, everything is much easier, they will listen to the greetings and thank them for it. And with women, everything is more complicated, she will analyze each phrase, and will think over your words for a single day.

Beautiful and original congratulations on a woman’s birthday can be found on Internet sites.

Or go to the stationery store and buy a beautiful postcard there. Often, they already have written wishes, so you can just read them. It will remain as a beautiful memory of your attention. And every time a bright and beautiful picture gets to your eyes, a friend will remember you with warmth in your heart.