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Resorts America

Hotel Le Toiny in St Barthelemy

Hotel Le Toiny located in Saint Barthelemy, and it was built in an interesting style, which is called the Colonial. Also, the beauty of this hotel is that it is located on the slopes of the beautiful hill. Entering the hotel’s terrace you can see how the hill down the road to the azure waters

Hotel Little Palm Island in Florida

Hotel Little Palm Island, which is located in Florida, on the right is a list of the most expensive hotels in the world. In order to stay in this hotel, you will need to pay at least 1.4 million dollars, but it worth to remember that the food here is not included. Because you have

Radon mines in Montana

Many people wonder about the material such as radon. Do you think that radon is harmful to health or is it useful? In general, as we all know, radon, is a chemical element in the periodic table. Radon mines in Montana are considered to be healing, but still many people doubt that radon brings health,

Wine tourism in California

As we know, in California, there are many interesting places. But historians point out, this is where the concept originated first as a wine tourism. As historians have noted, even in the 60s of the locals loved to come to the nearest plant for the production of wine. They loved the wine not only buy,

Chile, Hotel Magic Mountain

Arriving in Chile, the first question that arises in the mind of the tourist, where do go, and what you can see here. It is a country in which the majority of the historical, or rather ancient monuments. The air is unusually pure and variety of landscapes is surprising and disconcerting. There are many places

Vancouver, castle Hatley

Among those who decided to go on a tour of Canada, the most memorable impression on not only its magnificent scenery of lakes and forested mountain ranges, but also some historical sites. And one of these places can be called a castle, located in a magnificent park Hatley, where today is the Royal Road Military

Pink Beach Harbor Island

Truly heaven on the Earth can be called Pink Beach Harbor Island in the Bahamas. Incredibly clean crystal water and amazing pink sand attracted to relax even Hollywood actors are seeking to buy a cozy house. In addition, you anywhere else in the world will not find a better place for diving. The azure sky

Penthouse, as an element of self-expression or fad of the rich

In the words of one of our own, Russian satirists to the question: “Where do you live?” – “In the penthouse!” – “What the penthouse? In the attic you live like Carlson. “And although in this dialogue more present humorous notes, but there are quite some truth. After all, by definition, modern penthouse, just a

Realy wigwam hotel

Many children prefer games “Indians.” For this purpose, they are applied to the surface of the face coloring fighter on his head feathers cling to large in size and, of course, try to saddle-wigwam tent that is tapered. Certainly in such dwellings covered with animal skins, which back in the top of the feathers were