Hotel Le Toiny in St Barthelemy

Hotel Le Toiny located in Saint Barthelemy, and it was built in an interesting style, which is called the Colonial. Also, the beauty of this hotel is that it is located on the slopes of the beautiful hill. Entering the hotel’s terrace you can see how the hill down the road to the azure waters of the Caribbean. There is also a beautiful park where you can see many varieties of cacti and palm trees.

Hotel Le Toiny in St Barthelemy 2

The most interesting thing in this hotel is that the rooms are in an unusual style. That is, this plantation-style house in the French West Indies. For those who do not know what it is, it can be easily explained. The color inside the house is made of soft pastel colors, furniture is made only from mahogany, with hand-made. Also, there are many works of art, paintings and much more.

Hotel Le Toiny in St Barthelemy 3

For those who love not only to sunbathe on the beach, you can go for a swim in the pool, the spa, and you can do figure in the fitness center. At the restaurant you can relax and try the French cuisine. Also on the menu, a large number of wines. Each room differs significantly, as is divided into several categories, respectively, and the price for them is different.

Hotel Le Toiny in St Barthelemy 4

For those who can not come to rest without pets in Hotel Le Toiny allowed their content, so that problems with this, tourists will not arise. If a tourist is to shoot a two-room, that for one night it would cost thousands of dollars in 2000. For a two-bedroom, one thousand more. For those who love celebrities, it is important to know that it is very often resting Holly Berry.

Hotel Le Toiny in St Barthelemy 5

For those who have decided to play a wedding in the hotel Le Toiny, there is provided a wide range of services. That is, the hotel has everything you might ever need the person is and the Internet, and a concierge, and car parking, etc. After a rest in a hotel, sometimes you do not want to go home. Sometimes it is necessary to pamper yourself such small pleasures in life.