TOP 10 hotels of the world

Almost every year  within the International Tourism Exhibition («World Travel Market»), which is traditionally held in London, awarded the prize World Travel Market’s top 10 hotels in the world, which established by eponymous organization in 1993, as the highest evaluation of activity of representatives of the international hotel business. For the ranking of top 10 best hotels in the world attracts more than 180,000 tourist organizations working in 160 countries. Given this, TOP 10 best hotels evaluated rather objectively. It should be noted that the rating of top 10 hotels estimated in lot of nominations particularly such as the best hotels near airport or the best design of hotel. There are top 10 hotels in Turkey in the category of best restaurant and top 10 hotels in Egypt near the beach area presented among the official nominees.

 And for easier navigation in the ranking of  top 10 hotels in the world, according to the World Travel Market, our online resource Set-travel (tourism and travel) on the basis of this ranking publish its comments and official materials which can be found by all users of Set-travel. In addition, in our materials you can get acquainted with comments of those who are really able to assess the features of top 10 hotels in Turkey or top 10 hotels in Egypt, not to mention what is the real top 10 best hotels in the world.

TOP 10 best hotels in the world

Lot of experts of hotel business believe that this nomination top 10 best hotels in the world is the most difficult and exacting nomination of the hotel in many areas and functioning parameters. Thus, in this nomination can participate the hotels presented on the market for not less than five years and have already had several national awards according to the World Travel Market.  In particular, this could be top 10 hotels in Turkey or top 10 hotels in Egypt.

Besides this, numerous jury of World Travel Market estimate such parameters of the hotel as its exterior and interior design, level of training and qualification of personnel and also availability of additional services.  That’s why to get at least a regional award top 10 best hotels is quite problematic.

TOP 10 hotels

As we already mentioned above, in addition to general nominations top 10 hotels, according to World Travel Market, there are a range of awards in certain areas. Specifically this applies to nominations: Top 10 best hotels with private beach, top 10 hotels near the airport and so on, including the nomination top 10 hotels with conference room.

TOP 10 hotels in Egypt

It should be noted that there are about a dozen specialized nominations top 10 best hotels according to the World Travel Market. Also there are a regional competition in addition to the global such as top 10 hotels in Turkey or top 10 hotels in Egypt.

TOP 10 hotels in Turkey

And if we consider the process of awarding the prize top 10 hotels according to World Travel Market on concrete case, the optimal variant in our opinion would be the hotels – nominees, located in the territory of Turkey. Selection of  top 10 hotels in Turkey, as well as that country, we have identified based on the fact that our compatriots stay in Turkish hotels more often than in hotels in Haiti. 

Last year, top 10 hotels in Turkey, was awarded the hotel with status Premium & Luxury  and with a class of “five-star” hotel. Specifically, Starlight Resort Hotel is popular hotel among tourists, located in a quite popular resort in Side nearly on the coast.

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