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Resorts Australia

Hotel Huka Lodge … – Rybachy directly from the balcony…

In 1920, the notorious Irishman Alan Payem was based hotel Huka Lodge, which is located in New Zealand. To date, this hotel has an exclusive status as amazes even the most demanding guests. For tourists here can be removed not only comfortable, but also houses for large families. The cost of one night in 1500

Come out of the water the island of Bora Bora

Bora Bora is the dream of all of us. Visit an island is not just really want to pull and attracts, as a kind of paradise, which is not only easy, but also very beautiful. In addition, here, from the very nature, crystal clear water, the lagoon just unforgettable beauty. What else can dream man.

The beach with the whitest sand in the world

Hayams Beach, located south of the city of Sydney, hit the Guinness Book of Records as the beach with the whitest sand in the world. When viewed from a distance to the beach, it creates a feeling that it was not sand, and a huge amount of whipped cream. Going to the beach, be sure