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In 1920, the notorious Irishman Alan Payem was based hotel Huka Lodge, which is located in New Zealand. To date, this hotel has an exclusive status as amazes even the most demanding guests. For tourists here can be removed not only comfortable, but also houses for large families. The cost of one night in 1500 thousands of dollars.

Hotel Huka Lodge Rybachy directly from the balcony 2

Design solution of all the rooms in the hotel lies on the Virginia Fisher, who tried not to just make a beautiful, but also to emphasize the landscape areas. That is to say that each room is dominated by the nature of this island. The hotel is located on the banks of Waikato River, more precisely upstream of the waterfall such as Huka Falls.

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For those who like to relax with the use, it offers a wide range of services. That is, you can visit the health centers, which carry out different procedures not only for individuals but also for the body. There is also a tennis court, where you can test their strength. You can play a game called croquet, cycling, rafting and even there is a babysitter. That is, there are a lot of services that help is good enough, especially for young families who want to relax, but as we know, it does not always work with a small child.

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In this hotel there were a lot of famous people, such as the Queen of England and Prince Philip, Dick Cheney, Michael Douglas, Barbara Streisand and others. If you believe the rumors, the Queen Rybachy from their balcony in the room. That is, one can only say that this hotel provides a variety of services that can benefit everyone.

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One is the fact that here in the hotel, however, as elsewhere, need money, because enjoyment, sadly, is not free. In order to make payment, you can visit the site and see the approximate cost of your reservation a few days.