Interesting Places Africa

Interesting Places Africa

Interesting places in Africa

Africa - a huge continent, which is usually even tourists do not pay much attention. But in vain, meanwhile, there is a special, unique, unhurried life, in the midst of the centuries-old cultural heritage. Today we will make a short trip to some bright points of this continent, see interesting places in Africa, without getting up from the couch.

Interesting places in Africa are desert cinemas

Every part of Africa has its own cultural identity. The northern part often encountered Europeans and Arabs. Here you can see the Egyptian pyramids, the ruins of Carthage, the Moroccan deserts and much more. Central Africa is more unique than its neighbors - it rarely contacted the outside world. Here you can meet the famous Voodoo, Somali pirates and endless savannahs. The southern part of the continent was actively friends with the Portuguese, the Spaniards, the Belgians, the English and the Boers, due to which it has a rich colonial heritage. But let's look at some interesting places in Africa in detail.

Would you like to watch a movie in an empty cinema? Then welcome to the Sinai Peninsula, where in the middle of the desert there is a real cinema "The End of the World". Despite the destroyed condition, the building is only 10 years old. The initiator of the creation of such a cultural institution was a Frenchman who used the equipment of an abandoned cinema in Cairo. However, the local authorities did not take the idea, because of which the Frenchman's plans were not crowned with success.

If you list the interesting places in Africa, you can not ignore the monument of the "African objection". The statue, by the way, got into the Guinness Book of Records. At present, this is the main attraction of Senegal. Despite the fact that Senegal is one of the poorest countries on the continent, it is on this territory that the delightful monument flaunts. The idea invested in the construction is the liberation of the "black continent" from the colonial yoke of Europeans. The monument depicts a man holding a child in his left hand, and hugging a girl with his right. Above such a statue, only some Egyptian pyramids, which makes this landmark popular among visitors.

Ketshava Mosque, interesting places in Africa

Visiting interesting places in Africa, you will certainly stumble upon the Ketshava mosque - one of the religious shrines of the "black continent". It is located in Algeria. Initially, the building of the mosque was of a different purpose, only a few centuries after the founding of the Turks in the XVII, the structure was converted into a mosque. The attraction is made in a hybrid of Byzantine and Moorish style. An important feature of the mosque is that all the fascinating beauty today is presented in virgin form.

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